100 Activity Days / Reading & Language

Day 24 of 100 Activity Days- Learning Letter Cube

Well, it’s been a while since my last post – been busy with lots of things and the kiddos of course but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy with our activities!! So here is day 24 of 100 Activity days!

Found these small wooden letter cubes that are used for crafts, stringing a necklace, etc. I thought they would be great to use for learning letters and making new words.  I picked up 2 different sizes, one smaller one for Mr. O and a bit bigger for Miss A, each cost only $1 each package! nd

I got Miss A to string them on a rope to make a necklace, she enjoyed sorting the letters and after she made an alphabet necklace!

day24 letter cubes8 day24 letter cubes2

With Mr. O I had him put all the letters in order – this was great for fine motor skills as well as learning the letters!

day24 letter cubes4 day24 letter cubes3

After that I made up a quick sheet with all the letters of the alphabet and had Mr. O match the cubes to letters on the

day24 letter cubes7

I loved this activity as it was easy, fun and the kids enjoyed making up words and matching and sorting.
At the end they both made an alphabet necklace!


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