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Leaf Painting – Day 23 of 100 Activity Days

So we are well into the fall season now…so that means there are pumpkins, scarecrows and pumpkins everywhere! I love this time of season the most for the changing fall leaves – all the beautiful colours of the leaves. So I decided we needed to do a fun fall craft.

We collected some leaves from outside – there were only one type of leaves but this would be fun to collect all different kinds and let the kids see how they make different patterns and shapes.

I put some paint into a tray, laid out the large roll of paper (you can do this with construction paper too!)
and showed the kids what to do.

First we painted around the leaf, painting large strokes across the leaf, I then told them to take the leaf off and see what happens?

day23 leaf painting7 day23 leaf painting6 day23 leaf painting3

After that I told the kids to paint the leaf, flip it over and do ‘stamps’ with it. They loved this part of it. Using all kinds of different colours and mixing them. The look on their face as they lifted the leaf up was great… you cold see all the tiny veins and lines that the leaves made. So then we looked at the print and the actual leaf, comparing how they looked.  Great way to introduce some natural science.

day23 leaf painting1

day23 leaf painting  day23 leaf painting5
After we were done we had a beautiful fall leaf banner that we can hang up and enjoy a bit more of the fall!

day23 leaf painting2


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