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Mason Jar caps… some new ideas!

I’ve always loved glass jars and have collected quite a few of them over the years – yes I buy stuff for the jars, doesn’t everyone!  A few years ago I got some great deals on Mason jars (one was missing in the box of 12 and was discounted 50% – got two of those deals!!) and am only now starting to use them everywhere.

I use it in the kitchen to store spices, coffee, tea, jams, peanut butter, almost anything really.  I use them for storing my cleaning products – my DIY sink cleanser (I’ll have to share the recipe one day), baking soda, etc.

I’ve recently gotten some mason jars that have handles so you can use them for drinking – got two clear ones with these cool tops on them that you can put straws through (not my photo)


Great for summer drinks … just so much fun to drink from a cup like this!

Then I couldn’t resist 2 more (on clearance for $.80 ea) one in hot pink and the other painted with flowers on it!

Something like the above! So cute!!

So I was happy with all these lovely jars…then yesterday I saw it….


mason jar tops

Different tops for mason jars…OMG and the best was it was in the dollar store and two come in a pack for $1.25!!!
(I had seen the one with holes in Michael’s but they were not $1.25 😉 )

So the ones with holes are great for Parmesan cheese, powdered sugar. I actually am using it for my kitchen cleanser…it’s fabulous!!

mason jar tops2
The other one is for arranging flowers it’s a ‘frog’ keeps your flowers falling apart

mason jar tops1Can’t wait to try it out 😀

So how do you use mason jars…or if not WHY NOT?? There are tons of ideas out there!




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