100 Activity Days / Science & Math

Volcano Playdoh – Day 22 of 100 Activity Days

Been a while since our 100 days of activities… but yesterday was such a nice day that I had to come up with some nice activity so the kids could enjoy the outside for a bit longer!

I had some old play doh that was due to be thrown out but knew I could use it up for something! I remembered the fizzing, foaming that happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar. Why not make a play doh volcano!

I formed some of the play doh into something that looked like a volcano

day22 volcano playdoh6

Then I filled the volcano’s with baking soda, let the kids pour the vinegar/water mixture into the center and let them see what happens.

day22 volcano playdoh4 day22 volcano playdoh3 day22 volcano playdoh5

I think I loved this more than the kids and got a big kick out of it foaming and fizzing…the kids were not that impressed, they wanted to keep pouring the vinegar in …so I let them put in more. After they just ended up playing with and smashing the play doh around.

day22 volcano playdoh day22 volcano playdoh1 day22 volcano playdoh9 day22 volcano playdoh8 day22 volcano playdoh10

They loved pouring more water in and making a complete mess of it, which at the end is how the kids have fun after all.
I may do this later in the future and try and focus on the science behind it – as this time they just wanted to play and enjoy the sun, who could blame them!



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