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Travel Binder

Ever travel with a 2 & 4 year old, well I have and will be soon! Yeah, fun….NOT.
Not looking forward to a 12 hour flight but I think I’ve come up with some great activities to occupy the kids – well, at least I hope so!

I saw this travel binder on Mama papa bubba blog – great blog full of wonderful ideas for kids activities!
She came up with this portable activity for kids.

As soon as I knew we would be traveling, I got to work on my own binder!

Also as I am cheap and didn’t have too much time to find all the right pieces for the binder, I improvised!

I figured I could use zipper pouch bags to contain each activity, as it turns out it worked out quite well

travel binder bag

I used the large sized bags that have the little tab so that you can slide it open and closed.  I did notice that the size was too big so I folded it over and taped down the sides, then punched holes into it and put them in the binder.

I got some nice flexible binders (in pink and green –  my kids two favourite colours)
travel binder 1

Then got to make the activities – there were some great ones in the blog post, I did use most of them but some of my own that I came up with.

The fishy game was the most fun to make -hoping the kids will love it!

This is the fishing game, such an easy game to put together! I cut out fish shapes from coloured foam, then attached
metal washers to the back of the fish with some double sided tape (I’ve seriously used that for everything lately!)
then got chopsticks for the fishing pole, wrapped a string around it and attached a magnet to the end of it. There you
go a nice simple fishing game! The kids get to pick up the fish with the fishing pole …I think they will love it!

travel binder fishy travel binder fishy1 travel binder fishy2 travel binder fishy4

Next up is the button snakes – again so simple and great to work on fine motor skills and hopefully occupy some time!
Cut out some felt pieces, if you are particularly talented you can cut shapes out instead of just rectangles. Get a length of
ribbon and sew a button on the end of it. Thread one piece of felt on to the bottom and tie it off so it doesn’t fall off.
Then the kids just keep threading the pieces onto the ribbon – they can do a pattern, alternating colours or put them all

travel binder button snakes       travel binder button snakes 1

The next one is lacing cards – you just cut out some shapes and punch holes into the shapes around the edge, get some
yarn and let the kids lace them, or sew with it! I did some stars, circles, squares, rectangles, clouds, and some odd shape forms just to keep things interesting! Also a tip I saw was to get a pipe cleaner, cut it in half and make a loop in it and thread the yarn through it, this makes ‘sewing’ a bit easier!

travel binder 2

This is for a play dough game, you get to ‘dress’ up the ginger bread man – the kids form clothes, hair, whatever they really want and place them on the photo – I printed it out and laminated it so that the play dough will come off and can be easily reused.

travel binder

Next is a shape matching game – I cut out from foam again (starting to love this stuff too!) shapes, the kids have to match the pieces onto the board that has the same corresponding shapes.

travel binder 3

So this is what the book looks like, all the games are put into each individual pouches – the idea is that it keeps everything contained in one place.
1. Shape Game
2. Button Snake
3. Fishing game
4. Lacing Cards
5. Play dough dress up game
6. Various colouring pages, games (not pictured)

travel binder 2 travel binder 4 travel binder 5 travel binder 1

So that’s it – the cost was fairly minimal as I had most of the supplies on hand, except the binder which I got for $2
I managed to get these two binders into my carry on quite nicely, doesn’t take up too much space at all considering how many activities there are in here! I love that you can put anything you want in here, great for young and older kids – mine are 2 & 4 and I’m sure they will enjoy this. This idea works for car trips as well as a nice ‘quite’ time activity and the best that it is portable!

So why not try your own? Let me know if you do by posting a comment!
I’ll see if I can get some ‘action’ shots when they are using them! 😀


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