100 Activity Days / Science & Math

Clouds in a jar – Day 21 of 100 Activity days

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my 100 activity days so here is day 21 – Clouds in a jar!

I saw this experiment online and thought with all this rain we have been getting it would be great to show the kids how  clouds work! I filled up a jar with water and added shaving cream on top – those would be the ‘clouds’.

Then you mix some food colouring, or water colours and have the kids drop them onto the clouds. The watery colours will drip through the shaving foam and go down into the water – mimicking the way the clouds release the rain.
day21clouds3 day21clouds2 day21clouds day21clouds5

This is a great experiment to do with older kids too as you can get into more detail with them how exactly this all happens!
As for my kids I just said: “see the water collects in the clouds and then when it is very full the rain comes down”
day21clouds6 day21clouds4

They were all amazed how the colours came down into the water and wanted to put all the colours in – which we did and ended up with a nice dark mess! But hey it was fun and they did learn a bit, but most of all they had fun!



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