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Cutting Practice – Day 20 of 100 Activity Days

Don’t know about your kids but mine are always wanting to cut up paper (or anything else they can get their hands on!)
After telling them No, No, No…I came up with a paper cutting activity!

Simple really, you just draw some lines, shapes, wavy lines, etc on a piece of paper ( I cleverly used up ones that they had drawn all over 😉 ) and let them cut on the lines.

day20 cutting practice

Mr. O loved it as he could follow the pattern and of course because he got to cut paper!
Little Miss A did pretty good too in following the lines

day20 cutting practive

day20 cutting practice1

Depending on the age of your kids, you can make it simple or complex.  For Mr. O I did a spiral, small wavy lines, zig zags.

Miss A got the bit zig zags, and straight lines.

After they got to practice cleaning up and the idea of recycling all the tiny pieces of paper! 😀

Simple quick activity that will help with fine motor skills as well as cutting practice!


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