100 Activity Days

Pom pom sorting – Day 19 of 100 Activity Days

Little Miss A needs a lot of colour sorting, naming practice so I decided to do some fun pom-pom activities for the kids today. Had to come up with something that would help Miss A with colour recognition as well as keep Mr. O entertained and maybe learn a bit too! Oh the trials of a Mom!! 😀

So I went to my pom-pom stash got some basic colours out, then got my coloured plastic dishes (so handy that they are the same colour as the pom-poms) and finally got some clothes pins from the activity the day before.


So the idea is to grab the pom-poms with the clothes pin and have them sort it into the same colour dish.  Great for colour recognition and fine motor skills.   day19-pompom sorting7

The kids loved to put them all in the bowls and then dump them out and start all over again!
They really mastered how the clothes pin opened and closed!

day19-pompom sorting day19-pompom sorting1 day19-pompom sorting3 day19-pompom sorting6

day19-pompom sorting4









Mr. O decided to make a pattern with the pom-poms too!

day19-pompom sorting2


Great fun and a great way of learning! So what kind of activities have you come up with using pom-poms?


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