I love the dollar store

I’ve always loved the dollar store for the craft items they have, cheap pens, pencils, crayons, paper, foam, colouring books, etc. I got a bit sad when they changed things and not everything is $1 anymore 😦 but hey they do have some more interesting items that were not available before 😀

So here are my my latest dollar store finds for ‘homeschooling’

Let’s start with the one non dollar store item 😀 – but I had to post this as I remember this as a kid…
The Crayola pack is the ‘big’ 64 one with the built in sharpener!! OMG
crayons big box

Ok, I’m only posting that because as a child (of the early 80’s  ) this was like the best thing ever….remember? It even had the gold and silver crayons…OMG anyway it was a big deal then and expensive…got it for $3 now!!

Ok, so now on to the serious stuff LOL

Coloured wooden blocks

I’m thinking to use this for colour sorting, stacking, fine motor skills or maybe even ill write numbers and letters on them. They had plain wooden coloured ones too!

wooden blocks small


Marbles are for ‘marble painting’ such a cool idea- you squirt paint on a canvas with some kind of carton sides and let the kids roll around the marble until it becomes a ‘painting’  got the idea from here: http://momenttomomentdk.blogspot.ca/2010/07/painting-with-marbles.html

Classic Pooh Alphabet set

 I LOVE the look of these letters, they are made of cardboard
so will last for a while (hopefully!)


Magnifying Glass
Self explanatory….we will go look at bugs, and leaves, etc.
magnyfing glass


Water Play & Paints

Turkey baster and bingo dabber – the basters are great for water play.
The dabbers are for marking things or for painting circles, or as a new form of painting.
I have a print out of numbers and letters, the kids have to ‘dab’ the right ones.


This should keep Mr. O & Little Miss A busy for a while 😀

What are you finds at the dollar store?


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