100 Activity Days / Science & Math

Colour & Number Wheel – Day 18 of 100 Activity Days

I’ve seen this activity online and thought it’s a great way to incorporate lots of different types of learning all in one! (Love it when I can multi-task learning!)

I picked up the little dots at the dollar store (did I ever mention how much I love the dollar store!! 😀 )

coloured dots


What you will need:
Paper Plates
Coloured dot stickers
Clothes pins (wooden ones work best)

You will need to mark the clothes pins with numbers from 1-10, then place them on the paper plate and label the plate as well with the corresponding numbers.



Then take the clothes pins off and have the kids match up the number on the pins to the same ones on the plate!

day18clothespinsorting day18clothespinsorting1 day18clothespinsorting2 day18clothespinsorting3

Have the kids say the numbers out loud so that they can practice saying it as well as matching it up.

Little Miss A did really well with the numbers!

So for the second part (as they got bored with this quickly 😦 ) you can make another number game using the coloured dots.

You need to put the clothes pins back on but this time on the other side of the plate, and stick the coloured dots where the numbered clothes pins are – putting the same amount of dots as the number on the clothes pin.


day18clothespinsorting8 day18clothespinsorting7 day18clothespinsorting4

This turned out to be a great challenge for Mr. O (woo hoo!) as he had to really concentrate on counting the dots and then finding the right pin that matches. He is great at numbers but he usually just goes too quickly and doesn’t take the time to look, but with this game he had to slow down and count each one.

Miss A had a tough time as this was just too advanced for her…but she did give it a good try and got some to match up!
So for her I ended up putting the same colour dot on the numbers as the plate and had her match up the coloured clothes pin to the plate.

This is a great game to encourage learning numbers and even colours.  I can see coming back to this and doing different ideas with this, maybe simple adding and subtracting!

Afterwards the kids wanted to colour in the plates, so I let them ‘customize’ their plates 😉



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