100 Activity Days / Arts & Crafts

Outdoor Painting – Day 17 of 100 Activity Days

So today was one of those days I had to get the kids outside (driving me nuts! Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, WHATTTTT?? Breatheeeee)

I had them play outside but that didn’t last too long. I think they’ve gotten used to me giving them all kinds of activities and now they expect it. Actually, Mr. O even said : “Mommy, I want to do an activity”

Okey then, here is your activity. Go paint outside on a giant piece of paper! Yup, that’s right, just paper and paint!

I had some small pots of paint and the giant roll of paper from the easel inside, took that outside and voila, instant activity! Woo hoo, way to go Mom! Well, sort of.  They did get bored with painting fairly quickly… great, now what??

I went inside and grabbed the shaving cream (yes I keep the shaving cream in the kitchen, and no, it’s not used for shaving (ewwww) it’s because I’ve been using it so often for the kids play, I just end up storing it there!) and mixed up some food colouring with the shaving cream  and away they went painting the paper!
day17paintingpaperart  day17paintingpaperart3

They loved it! (Woo hoo Mom again 😀 ) and played outside for quite some time!
It wasn’t too long that one of them (ahhhrreemm Miss A) got the idea to stick her hands in it and make ‘finger paints’
day17paintingpaperart7 day17paintingpaperart9
Mr. O decided to get into it too!
Soon they were making handprints with it too! So much fun!!
day17paintingpaperart6 day17paintingpaperart5



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