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Salad spinner painting – Day 16 of 100 Activity Days

I’ve been seeing the salad spinner painting idea on Pinterest for a while now and knew I had to try it out one day…well, that day was today!

Simple really, take some paint, paper, a salad spinner and voila you have instant art and most important FUN!

What you will need:

  • Salad spinner

(use one that you will not mind getting dirty – I washed mine out after and didn’t notice any paint or glitter left in it at all – probably a good idea on a visit to the thrift store to pick one up 😉 )

  • Tempera Paints – food colouring  – glitter – of all various colours.
  • Paper plates, cardboard, coffee filters, construction paper – any paper will do

I cut out the paper plates so it would fit into the spinner – you can use smaller plates as well.
Place the paper in the bottom of the salad spinner and let the kids drop in the paints, best is if you tell your kids to drop a small amount of paint as when you put too much, the colours will just become a blur.


You can add in glitter or the food colouring paints or all of it!

Close the lid and let the kids spin the top… let them decide when to stop – you know how much kids like to be ‘in charge’ 😉
Day16spinningpaint4        Day16spinningpaint2
then open up the lid.  I made a big deal of it and was saying ‘ohhh let’s open it up and see what’s inside. Should we look inside? What will we find??” DRAMA!!


So I opened the top slowly and made the whole thing full of anticipation …and then WOW  “look at all the colours”
They loved it!

Was quite an interesting idea, the paints all splattered and mixed and of course the glitter just added that extra ‘wow’ factor!

After the paper plates we did ones with coffee filters and food colours, that didn’t really work out as the colours just absorbed. We then added some of the tempera paints and glitter, that made an interesting painting!

For the last set we went back to the paper plates and dropped on food colouring and glitter – well those turned out looking like fire works!!


All in all this was a fun project and such an interesting way to introduce colours and a bit of science as you can talk about what happens to the colours when they mix also what properties the different paints have.

After we were done I was faced with a very paint splattered salad spinner, I opened it up and found that the paint had all mixed and turned into a dark, glittery mess. I was hesitant to wasted all that paint and knew I had to come up with a way to save it.  So, this is what I came up with.

Looks better in real life ...they are all glittery!

Looks better in real life …they are all glittery!

I dumped in a bunch of cotton balls and swirled it around in the remaining paint. Well, guess what, they turned into a great idea for a ‘stary’ theme as the cotton balls took on a black glittery colour. I figure I can have the kids stick on the cotton balls onto some black construction paper and learn about stars!!
Smart huh!!?? 😀

Really loved this project! Leave me a comment if you all try this out!



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