100 Activity Days / Science & Math

Fizzy Colourful bombs – Day 15 of 100 Activity Days

So we’re well into the summer days that are filled with pools, sunshine and boredom! The kids are keeping me busy with trying to come up with new and fun ideas … so here is the next idea I came up with!

Fizzy Colourful bombs – combines science with some fun play!

day15baking soda fizz4jpg


You will need to prepare these before the kids can play with them as they need to dry out a bit before you can start the fun!

You will need:
Baking Soda
Food Colouring
Bath Bomb mold – or anything round or just use your hands to make interesting shapes
Spray Bottle

Place about 1 – 2 cups baking soda in a large bowl, add in some water – start with a small amount of water and add more as needed.  Mix the baking soda and water by hand, until the mixture starts to come together but is not completely wet, basically you should be able to squeeze some in your hands and it will hold it’s shape.
When that is done you can either add in some colour to the whole batch of baking soda (or make up several batches with different colours) or like I did drop the colours onto the ‘bombs’

You need to form the bombs using a bath bomb mold or whatever you are using (silicone molds are good too) press the wet mixture into the molds and turn them out onto a plate (if you are using a silicone mold it’s probably a good idea to leave them in there to dry overnight or for 3-4 hours)
They need to dry for a few hours or even overnight. You can drop the food colouring onto them when they are still wet.

Fill up spray bottles with vinegar and let the kids at them! Put them in a sand box, (make sure you don’t have too much sand in there or sand that is old and you want to get rid of as the vinegar and baking soda will break down the sand) or a big container. Give the kids the spray bottle and let them start to spray the bombs.  It will start to fizz and bubble slightly.

day15baking soda fizz.1jpg

For more fun have them open up the spray bottles and dump the vinegar straight onto the bombs…and watch the reaction!

day15baking soda fizz3

I made up quite a few of the bombs and let them play with them…after they mixed it into the sand and dumped water and other toys in too!

day15baking soda fizz

day15baking soda fizz.2A great activity with not a lot of preparation but hours of fun – well not hours but at least an hour and that in Mommy time is an eternity!!



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