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Make your own kids apron

I saw this on and knew I had to do this for the kids one day as they are really loving the messy art and sensory play lately.

It can’t be easier, just take a pair of your old denim (or any thicker material) pants and follow the instructions in the link.

While I love how she has made these (maybe one day I’ll do that!) I don’t have a sewing machine or the skill to sew all the hearts and pockets on.


So I’ve improvised it a bit for those of use who don’t want to or can’t sew! 🙂

What you will need:
1 pair of denim or heavy material pants
Zig Zig scissors (pinking shears)
Fabric ribbon

Cut the leg off the pants near the top.

apron pant leg
Rip the seam open so you have a wide piece of material.
apron open 1
Trace an arc that will be the top of the apron – draw on the most narrow part of the pant leg as this will be the top part of the apron. Then fold the pant leg together and cut the arc out.
apron open
Measure to see how long you want the apron – I made mine fairly long. Just place it on your child and you will get an idea of how long you would like it.

Then cut some ribbon for the neck and waist pieces. I didn’t really measure this, again I just had the kids stand there with the apron holding it while I judged how long the ribbon should be.
You can sew these pieces on by hand.

apron finished
And voila… a great little apron that you can use when the kids are cooking, painting, or any other messy sensory activity.

Mine are a bit of a boring gray…but I got the idea that the kids can use some markers to decorate them!  That will be another great activity!


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