100 Activity Days / Science & Math

Coloured water play – Day 13 of 100 Activity Days

day13coloured water3

Today was a hot and humid day and I was at a loss as what to do with the kids, they were inside most of the day doing crafts, colouring and stuff like that. When little Miss. A proclaims ‘I want to go outside’ ok so after that her brother jumped on the bandwagon and out they both went. Well, about 5 minutes later Mr. O says, “I want to come inside” I say “why?” He didn’t answer so I tried to quickly come up with something, so I said “what if I let you play with water?”  an enthusiastic  “yes”.

Ok so now Mommy has to come up with something quick and easy and fun…no problem huh??

So, I mixed in some food colouring into a few glasses of water, put some small rocks in a bin with clear water, added some scoops and let them play with the water.
day13coloured water day13coloured water2 day13coloured water5 day13coloured water6 day13coloured water7
They ended up pouring the water from one cup to the other. Mr. O even asked “what happens when you mix the two colours?” 😀
day13coloured water1day13coloured water4

After that I added some bottles and funnels, left to them to see what they would do. Well I saw that my boy was measuring water, carefully adding the water until it just reached overflowing and then letting it overflow as well.
day13coloured water9
Miss A just loved the whole thing, adding water and mixing it.

After when they looked liked they were getting bored, I mixed up some coloured soap foam for them
to add into the water and to keep them playing for a bit longer 😀

Wasn’t a bad activity for a last minute idea!!



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