100 Activity Days / Outside Play

Goopy slime – Day 11 of 100 Activity Days

I’ve seen this before online and wanted to give it a try but I wasn’t very happy about using white glue for the slime part so I found another one that uses only 2 ingredients: cornstarch and water (and food colouring – ok 3 ingredients!!)

Mix 2 cups cornstarch and 1 cup water, mix carefully (good idea to put the food colouring into the water so it will mix well) keep mixing it slowly and it will eventually turn into a goopy liquid.

Goopy, drippy slime!

After that let the kids play with it. Have them use spoons shovels and hands. This was one of the best activities…the kids loved the texture…it’s amazing how it stays hard if you keep moving it around but when you hold it up, it drips down.

Pinky and green goopy slime

Then they decided to make a ‘soup’ and added in some grass!

Making Slime Soup


Clean up was easy as water just washes the corn starch away!  Really quite fun and messy!
Adding in some glitter or other sensory items, like sequence, beads, or buttons would make it
even more fun and give an added texture!



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