100 Activity Days / Outside Play

Toy Car Wash -Day 12 of 100activitydays

day12 carwash1

Toy Car Wash

So here is another great idea for imaginative play! A toy car wash!!
Such a simple idea but the kids loved the idea of washing their toy cars, trains, etc.  All you need is a bucket or a big tray to hold the soapy water, brushes, sponges, toothbrushes, rags and a water hose to clean the toys off.  So gather up all your toys – oh and make sure you are not using toys that have batteries in them! (we did accidentally dunk one of them in the water, it’s since dried out and I think it’s fine!!)

Have the kids wash the cars, scrubbing them and then let them hose it down.  Mr. O loves when we go to the car wash so making our own car wash was such a hit!
day12 carwash day12 carwash2 day12 carwash3 day12 carwash4 day12 carwash5
The kids played for a good hour washing the toy cars and then they moved onto washing their outside bikes and toys!

While the kids played, Mommy got to enjoy her coffee 😉 ahhh the small things in life are the best!

Mmmm coffee!

So what kinds of imaginative play do you do with your kids? What other ideas have you all come up with?



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