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Here’s a thought…let kids get bored!

Yes, I said it …let kids get bored! Oh wait a minute…did I really say that? Well, yes. Yes I did, and you know why? Because when kids get bored that’s exactly when they will start to create, learn and have fun ON THEIR OWN!

Yeah I know, we as parents want to make every single living moment wonderful for our kids and you know what, kudos to those of you who can do that! I however want to give my kids a chance to explore and create their own fun!
I can’t help but think back to my own childhood and realize that I was left on my own, to play, for hours on end! I won’t go into the whole history of my childhood but I will say is that my parents were very busy with their business, as a result I got to be on my own a whole lot! So what did I do? I watched a lot of TV (OMG, yes really am I horribly damaged from that… probably not but then again TV in the 80’s wasn’t like today’s TV) but I also did a lot of creative play with dolls, stuffed toys and USED MY IMAGINATION!

Found some great articles about this very topic…

We are that family…you know the ones   Has a great article about how kids should be spending the summer!

10 Ways to Give Your Kids an Honest-to-Goodness 1970s Summer   I may not want to do all these on the list but some of them are great!  I like #3, 6 and 10 😀

and finally this article from the BBC from March of 2013
Children should be allowed to get bored

love this quote:
Children should be allowed to get bored so they can develop their innate ability to be creative, an education expert says.

So there you go… this summer LET YOUR KIDS GET A BIT BORED!  Your kids will thank you later in life…when they realize they have problem solving skills, creativity and in general know how to handle what life throws at them!




One thought on “Here’s a thought…let kids get bored!

  1. Great article! I totally agree that children should be allowed to get bored. Now a days children are so preoccupied with toys, television and the internet that they don’t get a chance to really use there imagination. I remember when my sister and I would make up dances in the yard and pretend there was an audience to perform too. Or when we would take leaves, grass and weeds to chop up using butter knives and pretend too cook.


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