100 Activity Days

Velcro Sticks – Day 2

Saw this idea online and I knew I had to make it for my kids.  They are so simple, yet they give way to so much imaginative play!

coloured stickes1 coloured stickes2 coloured stickes3 coloured stickes4

So simple to make, just take some Popsicle sticks – I used the coloured ones so that we can play colour matching and patterning but you can use the uncoloured ones (maybe even have the kids colour them or put stickers on them!)
Take some Velcro circles or squares (I found that the round ones would have fit better) and stick them on to each stick. Then let the kids enjoy building and creating!

Things to ask:
1. Can you stick together all the red, blue, green ones.
2. Can we make a pattern (red red blue blue)
3. Count how many red sticks, blue sticks, etc

These are great for rainy days or for long car (airplane) trips!



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