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Shaving Cream Fun – Day 9

Day 9 – Shaving Cream Fun!

Kids love to paint and make a mess…so why not combine the two! I mixed up some shaving cream with some food colouring, glitter and let the kids paint the glass door!

shavingcreamart2shavingcreamart shavingcreamart1  shavingcreamart4 shavingcreamart7 shavingcreamart9


They started out using brushes to paint but that quickly changed to hands.  Little Miss A decided to use her hands and then her brother thought he would get into the finger painting action too!!

After they were done we decided to spray the glass with the garden hose, washing it all off and adding a whole other dimension of play!

This was a fun activity but can easily be turned into a science activity – just by asking questions, and letting them explain about the texture, smell, etc of the shaving cream.

Questions to ask:
1. What does the foam feel & smell like?
2. What happens when you mix two colours together?
3. What happens when we add water to it?

Hope you get to try this out !!

What you will need:
Shaving Cream
Muffin try (to keep the foam in)
Food Colouring (any type you like)
Paint Brushes



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